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About our Data

The Yukon Department of Environment maintains three broad categories of data:

Due to wide ranging analytic and cartographic requirements, we maintain digital topographic data at three scales:

Administrative boundaries have been compiled at 1:1,000,000  and 1:250,000 scales. Many administrative boundaries are defined by natural features which occur in the base data files (e.g. streams, roads). These boundaries were compiled by cloning the appropriate features to ensure a perfect correlation between administrative boundaries and the features defining them. Coverage names are prefixed with a "q" for 1:250,000 scale (quarter million) and an "m" for 1:1,000,000 scale (million). All spatial data on this site are in the Standard Yukon Albers Projection. They are comprised only of value-added information (e.g. Administrative Boundaries). You will have to contact the original author/copyright holders for access to the base data.

Data Quality

Every effort has been made to ensure the quality of the spatial data available from this site. Some errors, however, may have been missed. If you discover any problems please contact the Geomatics Developer/Administrator.

File Format

The downloadable files are in the ESRI Shapefile format. which are in turn compressed into a Zip archive. GIS software is needed to view shapefiles.